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Cat companion gets intelligent with AI – and you will like this

"When nothing goes right, go left."
Cat companion gets intelligent with AI – and you will like this Posted on December 3, 2019
"When nothing goes right, go left."

When the cat’s away, the mouse will play. Or in this case, it is: when the owner’s away, the cat will play.

If you leave the house for work every morning feeling guilty that you are abandoning your pet cat – again – for the next 10 hours, well help could be here at last. Studies have shown that cats need social stimulation, and that they crave human interaction and attention. Without this, cats can fall into depression, and even become obese with health problems as they laze around and wallow, not doing much.

According to some studies, cats are the most neglected pets around. 

Fret not. Someone has taken this unhappy situation seriously and created the ideal companion for your cat. It is a technology-driven solution – a smart robot companion for your feline friend. 

When the idea of Ebo, said robot companion, was introduced to the world in October on Kickstarter, the target crowdfunding amount was reached in just 10 minutes. That shows how much people really love their cats, and how this robotic companion will be loved by many owners (and hopefully by their cats too).

So, how does this work?

“Ebo is the first smart playmate that has the ability to perfectly mimic the actions of a living thing,” the creators of Ebo says on the Kickstarter site. “It interacts with your cat in the way that your cat understands—through a dynamic mix of sound, movement, and light that is always unpredictable.”

Ebo is a small round-shaped device which moves autonomously. It can roll, spin and dance with your cat, providing your pet exercise as it chases and physically interacts with Ebo. The device connects via wifi to an app, from where you can remotely monitor and play with your pet, and also record and take photos of it.

“The Ebo app is packed with features that help you track your pet’s health, join in the fun with live streams and audio, capture pictures and video for social sharing, and much more,” the creators say.

“You can also make sure that your data is secure at all times. Ebo has no cloud storage, so all the data on your Ebo is locally stored. All camera visuals of your cat in action are live-streamed and the data can be stored if you choose to manually store it on your phone.”

And yes, you can play with your car from anywhere in the world. So, it’s a great help for those long overseas trips you might be on. (Of course, you will still need a human to keep an eye on your loved one during these long trips.)

“Recording all the action isn’t just for fun,” the creators say. “Ebo allows you to keep an eye on your cat when you’re away to monitor its health and habits. This is crucial for healthy development, and if your cat isn’t feeling well, you’ll have footage of concerning behavior to bring to the vet.”

Ebo comes with an activity tracker collar for your cat too, so that you can monitor how active it has been. It’s like Fitbit, for cats. 

Ebo uses AI technology. This means that over time, it “understands” more of your cat’s predispositions, habits, and even moods, and Ebo “learns” to adjust to be an even better companion. 

The Kickstarter campaign has thus far raised almost S$400,000. (It’s target sum was a mere S$6,990!)

Head on over to the Kickstarter page here to read more details about this undoubtedly popular invention! Click here


"When nothing goes right, go left."