About Us

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With Singapore aiming to be a hub for experimentation, it only makes sense that there is a place (even if it’s an online portal) to bring together the work of entrepreneurs. So here at PepperCorn.SG, we hope to feature these businesses, especially small businesses, which are at the forefront of innovation with their own unique products or services. 

We hope not only to gain insight into how these businesses are run but, perhaps more importantly, to tell the stories of the people behind the business. Their toil of sweat, blood and tears, of the risks they take, the failures along the way, the courage to press on, and the inevitable light at the end of the tunnel for those who persevere.

These are the people who may have given up the orthodox path of the average person, and journey on the less trodden, rougher, lonely roads, grabbing on to nothing more than just a dream of making it.

We hope these stories will inspire, instruct, and invigorate those of us who may be thinking of doing the same, but lack that final push factor to take that leap of faith. Maybe these stories will give us a little bit of that derring-do spirit to spur us into action.

If you know of anyone or any businesses or entrepreneur whose story or struggles deserve to be heard and shared, do drop us a line at: peppercornsg2018@gmail.com . We would love to meet and speak with said person and hopefully do their stories justice.

In the meantime, do visit with us here on this site and also on our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thank you, and nil sine labore!

The team.