“When you are optimistic, [there is] always opportunity.” *

We believe in people.

Life sometimes throws us curve balls and lemons, and may even fling us over the cliff. In these times, life is hard and we wish we had taken a different path, one which was easier, with less burden on our shoulders.


Yet, we must take heart that many have gone through times just as difficult, and have come out of it stronger, more determined, and appreciative of the baptism of fire they had been put through.

innovation*    hard work*    commitment*    passion*

Here at peppercorn.sg, we hope to capture these stories, these struggles, and more importantly, the triumph of those involved so that they become our motivation to not give up, to take our lives into our own hands, and to create the future we want for ourselves and our children.

We hope to feature stories of individuals, organisations, and others, spanning the strata of society, who have done or who are doing their best for themselves, their families, contributing to their community and society in their own way. And that through their examples, we ourselves may be inspired to take those same steps too.

Each story motivates, each one inspires.

They are like peppercorns which bring food to life, adding flavour to excite us with what is possible.

Ours is a movement, a community, a joining-of-hearts and minds to look beyond the obstacles in life to something bigger than ourselves. This is not to belittle or ignore the trials and tribulations of life. On the contrary, the adversities of life are our greatest teachers, and not our tripping stones. For do not the most successful people also go through some of the hardest trials of life?

We hope you will join us in this worthwhile journey as we embrace our fellow men, women and children who are, at this very moment, creating the world with every effort they are putting in each day.

If you should know of anyone who you feel we ought to feature here, please drop us a note here.

Thank you.